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So you are wanting to know a little more about the service we offer? Then you've come to the right place!

Who is Bereka?

Bereka has partnered with Mukuru to provide a cash delivery service. The Bereka service allows the recipient the option to opt in and get their cash delivered to their doorstep for a small delivery fee.

Why would you use us? 


With Bereka, we’re delivering convenience to the doorstep! Avoid the worsening traffic conditions and rising transport costs, don’t let the weather affect you. Save your precious time! We offer a fast, safe and reliable delivery service. Why wouldn't you want to get your money delivered? 

What is the delivery fee? 


We are offering a promotional fee of $2 for Ruwa. For all other areas, our updated prices are based of the value of vouchers we deliver (per person), outlined below:

  • 0-30 USD - $2 delivery fee

  • 31 -100 - $3 delivery fee

  • 101-200 - $4 delivery fee

  • 201-300 - $5 delivery fee

  • 301-400 - $6 delivery fee

  • 401-500 - $8 delivery fee

  • 501-1000 - $10 delivery fee

How does the service work?


Step 1: The recipient will Whatsapp ‘hi’ to +263 78 025 3488 to register and book their delivery


Step 2: The recipient will follow the simple steps to set up their order and get a delivery quote. Note at the moment we can only deliver in Harare and Chitungwiza. 


Step 3: Once the recipient opts in to get their Mukuru cash delivered, one of our Bereka drivers will be on their way! 


Step 4: The recipient will pay a small delivery fee for the service. The promotional launch delivery fee is just $2!

Want to contact us?


We’d love to hear from you! You can get in touch using any of the methods below:

Voip (Zim): +263 8677 199 876

Voip (UK): +44 1227 39 1029

Whatsapp: +263 775 565 924


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